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Revised:   16 June 2008

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Farsi Names

The purpose of this list is to bring together the Farsi, English and scientific names of the freshwater fishes of Iran. Confusion over the names of fishes can render any study or article confusing or even useless. Generally the best course to follow is to use the scientific name, at least initially, and then use the common name. However, common names are often more familiar or evocative to readers, especially in popular and newspaper articles.

Effective management of resources as well as scientific and popular studies and publications need a clear link between common and scientific names. Such linkages also facilitate access to the extensive world literature on fishes and their biology.

This is by no means a final listing; I hope to elicit a response from readers of this section in order to add common names in Farsi to the list.

Farsi Names

The Farsi name(s) are given below the scientific name. They have been obtained from literature sources (listed in Coad (1995; 1999)) but primarily in discussions with Iranian ichthyologists. These names may have a meaning if translated into English but since these are never or very rarely used they are not translated here (translations can be found in the Species Accounts). A prime example would be safid mahi (= white fish) which occasionally appears in travel and scientific literature under this English name. Confusion has arisen over the use of this English translation since whitefish in English scientific literature refers to members of the salmon family (Salmonidae, usually the genus Coregonus) and not this Iranian member of the carp family (Cyprinidae, Rutilus frisii).

Some of the names are highly original and evocative in English translation while others are direct translations of the English names. Interesting names include ordak mahi (= duck fish in reference to the characteristic snout of the pike), gel-cheragh (= mud-eater or mud-grazer in relation to feeding habits for several unrelated fishes), gour-e khar (= striped donkey, i.e. zebra, for Aphanius spp.) and heif-e noon (= waste of bread, i.e. valueless, used in Khuzestan for Chondrostoma regium).

A number of Iranian species have no common Farsi name that I have been able to discover and are indicated by a question mark (?). Doubtful names are also indicated by a question mark. Any reader who can supply a common name and is sure of the species identification is asked to email me (see for contact methods). Ideally a preserved specimen of the fish should be sent to me for verification to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Some genera and families have a common name without a unique modifier for each species. These names are included here. I have not added modifiers in case a reader informs me of a common name. In future, if no common name seems to exist in Farsi, then it may be advisable to invent one to separate the species.

Several names exist for certain species, used locally. Some common name lists standardise a common name for each species but I have not attempted this here. More research and feedback from readers is needed to determine which names are the most commonly used, widespread and acceptable before one is chosen in preference to another. The variety of names is a regional heritage and should not be casually ignored. Robins et al. (1991a) give reasons and criteria for establishing a single common name for each species.

English Names

The English name(s) in commonest or official use are given here in parentheses below the Farsi name. Some Iranian species lack English names for the simple reason that these fishes do not occur in English-speaking countries nor are they widely known as aquarium, food or sport fishes. A single English name has not been selected as the primary aim of this work is to link scientific and Farsi names and secondarily to indicate the English names of the species as an aid in data retrieval and comprehension. Note that many English names are composed of a noun and a modifying adjective. For simplicity the noun is not repeated each time with its adjective so there is "common, Oriental, eastern, bronze or carp bream" rather than "common bream, Oriental bream, eastern bream, bronze bream and carp bream". A semicolon (;) may separate words which are not part of a series of adjectives. Thus "beluga; great, giant or European sturgeon" indicates that "beluga" is a fish name by itself while sturgeon may have the adjectives great, giant and European.

Reference sources include Robins et al. (1991a; 1991b) for North American native species and species important to North Americans, Berg (1948-1949), Lindberg and Heard (1972) and Ricker (1973) for the former U.S.S.R. and adjacent countries, and OECD (1995) for official names used by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. For Caspian Sea basin species, the name is often taken from the common usage in Berg (1948-1949) where the Russian name has been given its translation. Berg's work has been widely used as a reference source on fishes in the Caspian Sea and adjacent basins since the original Russian work is also available in English translation. Note that some Russian names have no direct equivalent in English and the Cyrillic orthography is converted to English. Purely Russian names are not included when well-known English names are available, e.g. the Russian "nalim" for burbot or eelpout (Lota lota). Some Russian names are in common use in the Caspian basin of Iran even though there are Farsi names for the fishes. The northern fisheries were once controlled by Russian experts. An example of this is Huso huso, the beluga (a Russian word but also used in Farsi and English) or fil mahi (purely Farsi). Alternative names, such as great or giant sturgeon, do not appear commonly in Iranian scientific and popular works despite being more descriptive and evocative in English and having the advantage of not being confused with the whale of the same name. Similarly, kutum (safid mahi, Rutilus frisii kutum) is often used in scientific literature as a common name and is included here although there is a less well-known English version (Southern Caspian roach).

An exhaustive listing of Russian, Turkmen and Azerbaijani names is not given here and the reader is referred to the Russian edition of Berg (1948-1949) and Lindberg and Heard (1972) for further details. Some names in Gilaki and Mazanderani from the Caspian coast of Iran have been given from sources in the Encyclopaedia Iranica, Columbia University Press, New York (?website). Some names from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan may be used in Iran, especially near the borders, but I have no information on this usage. Similarly Heckel (1843, 1846-1849) lists a number of Arabic names of fishes which also occur in Iran, although these works are now probably out of date. More recent common names can be found in Khalaf (1961), Mahdi (1962), Al-Nasiri and Hoda (1976) and other works on Iraqi fishes (see Coad and Al-Hassan (1988) for a bibliography on these fishes). Arabic common names are used in Khuzestan and are included here, modified in Farsi, where this usage is known.

A summary of works on Turkish fishes is found in Coad and Kuru (1986). Fishes of Pakistan are summarised in Mirza (1972, 1990) with a bibliography on this fauna in Mirza (1978). I am not aware if common names from Pakistan are used widely in Iranian Baluchestan and so these are not included here. The English common name presents problems where several subspecies, "morpha" or "forms" have been described within a species. This is almost entirely a problem of the Caspian Sea basin where Russian workers have distinguished many subspecies of the families Clupeidae and Cyprinidae in particular. Each of these has a common name, at least in Russian, usually relating to the locality of the subspecies. Some recent studies have demonstrated that these subspecies are often ill-founded and even distinct species have been shown to be the same as more widespread ones outside the Caspian Sea basin (Coad, 1996b). I have listed all the available names in English including those with adjectives which seem to be geographically inappropriate. For example, Barbus brachycephalus is called the Aral barbel in Robins et al. (1991b), presumably based on the type subspecies found in the Aral Sea basin. A distinct subspecies in the Caspian Sea basin, Barbus brachycephalus caspius, is more appropriately called the Caspian barbel here. Furthermore, many of these Russian common names for subspecies and their English translations are "book names" - artificial constructs not used by local people. An additional problem lies with nomenclatural changes in the scientific name. Alosa pontica, a member of the family Clupeidae, was previously thought to inhabit only the waters of the Black Sea and was appropriately named in English as the Pontic shad or Black Sea herring. As now understood this species is also found in the Caspian Sea (albeit as a distinct subspecies) and the English name is inappropriate. In such cases I have also retained the older name for the Caspian Sea species or subspecies. Conversely when a species or subspecies previously known only from, for example, the Caspian Sea has been shown to be synonymous with a more widespread species then the name of the widespread species is added to the list. An example is the short-snouted pipefish, Syngnathus abaster, once regarded as a distinct subspecies in another species (Syngnathus nigrolineatus caspius or Caspian pipefish).

Scientific Names

The most recent scientific name is given for each species. It should be understood that scientific names are dynamic, changing as our understanding of the relationships of fishes changes. A recent reference on the scientific names and nomenclatorial problems of Iranian freshwater fishes is Coad (1995). The current list also serves as an updated version of that work. Changes include the placement of Pseudophoxinus persidis in the genus Leuciscus (after N. Bogutskaya, pers. comm., 1995) and the distinction of Aphanius persicus (Coad, 1996a). Lazara (1995) proposes the use of the genus Lebias over Aphanius in Cyprinodontidae but Kottelat (1997) disagrees. Kottelat (1997) also demonstrates that Sander has priority over Stizostedion and along with Eschmeyer (1998) lists other minor changes. Elvira (1997) resurrects Chondrostoma cyri. Nalbant and Bianco (1998) describe 5 new species of Balitoridae from Iran. The arrangement of families and orders also changes with time and this too is reflected here. The arrangement has been changed from that used in Coad (1995) to accord with Nelson (1994), which was not then available.


A brief listing of distribution is given for each species after the scientific name based on drainage basins (see Coad (1995) for map). The limits of this article are the political boundaries of Iran including the Caspian Sea south of a line drawn between the borders of Iran and Azerbaijan in the west and Iran and Turkmenistan in the east. The Caspian Sea has a salt concentration about one-third seawater and the fauna there is a mixture of freshwater and brackish or marine species. A few species in the south are included although they are thought of as primarily marine. An example is a single shark species which can reside in fresh waters and has considerable importance since it preys on humans (Coad and Papahn, 1988). The scientific name list contains more marine species that may enter fresh waters.


Classes, orders and families are listed in phylogenetic sequence following Nelson (1994). Within families species are listed alphabetically by scientific name. A separate alphabetical list of Farsi names is appended for convenience.

Class 1. Cephalaspidomorphi

Order 1. Petromyzontiformes

Family 1. Petromyzontidae (lampreys)

1. Caspiomyzon wagneri (Kessler, 1870) - Caspian Sea basin.

mar mahi, mar mahi dahangerd, mahi dahangerd daryacheh-ye khazar.

(Caspian or Volga lamprey).

Class 2. Chondrichthyes

Order 2. Carcharhiniformes

Family 2. Carcharhinidae (requiem sharks)

1. Carcharhinus leucas (Valenciennes in Müller and Henle, 1839) - Tigris River basin.

kooseh, sag mahi.

(bull shark).

Class 3. Actinopterygii

Order 3. Acipenseriformes

Family 3. Acipenseridae (sturgeons)

1. Acipenser gueldenstaedtii Brandt in Brandt and Ratzeburg, 1833 - Caspian Sea basin.

chalbash, tass mahi (this term includes A. gueldenstaedtii, and A. nudiventris for large eggs, in fisheries statistics), تاس ماهي روس (= tass mahi Rus), osetra, sag mahi, mahi-ye kaviar, kaviari rusi.

(osetr; Russian, Kura, Persian or Azov-Black Sea sturgeon).

2. Acipenser nudiventris Lovetzky, 1828 - Caspian Sea basin.

ship, šep, tass mahi (included under this name with A. gueldenstaedtii and A. persicus when eggs are large for fisheries statistics), tass mahi shekam brahne, sag mahi, mahi-ye kaviar, keshdi, shenavar.

(spiny, thorn or fringebarbel sturgeon; ship or sheap).

3. Acipenser persicus Borodin, 1897 - Caspian Sea basin.

kara burun, darakul, tirij, tass mahi (this term includes A. gueldenstaedtii), tass mahi Iran, tas mahi Irani, sag mahi, mahi-ye kaviar.

(Persian or Kura sturgeon).

4. Acipenser stellatus Pallas, 1771 - Caspian Sea basin.

uzun burun, darakul, sevruga, sevroga, sag mahi, mahi-ye kaviar, puze draz.

(sevruga or stellate sturgeon (this term also includes A. nudiventris with small eggs for fisheries statistics), South Caspian stellate sturgeon, star sturgeon).

5. Huso huso (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin.

fil mahi, beluga, beloga, mahi kaviar-e bozorg, sag mahi, mahi-ye kaviar.

(beluga; great, giant or European sturgeon).

Order 4. Anguilliformes

Family 4. Anguillidae (freshwater eels)

1. Anguilla anguilla (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin.

mar mahi ma'muli.

(European, common, silver or yellow eel).

Order 5. Clupeiformes

Family 5. Clupeidae (herrings)

1. Alosa braschnikowii (Borodin, 1904) - Caspian Sea basin.

shag mahi, shag mahi-ye Khazari.

(Caspian marine shad; Kura, striped, Agrakhan, bigeye, dolginka, whitehead, Astrabad, yellow-back, Gasan-Kuli, Kiselevitch, Krasnovodsk, eastern, Sara, or May herring; driver, glutton).

2. Alosa caspia (Eichwald, 1838) - Caspian Sea basin.

shag mahi shekam bozorg, shag mahi chekameh dar, shag mahi darya-ye khazar, zalun (in Gilaki), puzanok.

(Caspian, North Caspian, Central Caspian, il'men, Enzeli, Sara, Baku or Astrabad shad).

3. Alosa pontica (Eichwald, 1838) - Caspian Sea basin.

shag mahi-ye posht siah, shag mahi darya-ye siah, zalun (in Gilaki), puzanok.

(blackback, blacknose, Caspian anadromous shad; black-spined, Volga, many-rakered or Astrakhan herring; Pontic shad, Black Sea herring).

4. Alosa saposchnikowii (Grimm, 1887) - Caspian Sea basin.

shag mahi-e chesm dorosht, shag mahi.

(bigeye or Saposhnikovi shad).

5. Alosa sphaerocephala (Berg, 1913) - Caspian Sea basin.

shag mahi Agrakhan.

(roundheaded or Agrakhan shad).

6. Clupeonella cultriventris (Nordmann, 1840) - Caspian Sea basin.

kilka or kelka, rizeh keraye, rizeh kuli, kilka-ye ma'muli.

(common kilka or tyulka; sardelle; Caspian sprat, kilka or tyulka; common Caspian kilka, Black Sea sprat).

7. Clupeonella engrauliformis (Borodin, 1904) - Caspian Sea basin.

kilka or kelka, rizeh keraye, kilka-ye anchovy.

(anchovy sprat or kilka, anchovy-like tyulka, sardelle).

8. Clupeonella grimmi Kessler, 1877 - Caspian Sea basin.

kilka or kelka, kilka-ye cheshm dorosht.

(South Caspian sprat, bigeye kilka or tyulka, sardelle).

9. Tenualosa ilisha (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822) - Tigris River basin; probably other rivers of southern Iran.

sobur, zobur, zabur, zomur, brk, mahi khor kuchiku.

(hilsa; Indian, river or hilsa shad; ilisha).

Order 6. Gonorhynchiformes

Family 6. Chanidae (milkfishes)

1. Chanos chanos (Forsskål, 1775) - Hormuz basin.

khameh mahi.

(milkfish, salmon herring)

Order 7. Cypriniformes

Family 7. Cyprinidae (carps and minnows)

1. Abramis brama (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin.

sim, mahi-ye sim.

(common, Oriental, eastern, bronze or carp bream).

2. Abramis sapa (Pallas, 1814) - Caspian Sea basin.

sim, sapa, mahi sim kondpuzh.

(white-eye, South Caspian or southern white-eye bream).

3. Acanthalburnus microlepis (De Filippi, 1863) - Caspian Sea basin.


(blackbrow bleak).

4. Acanthalburnus urmianus (Günther, 1899) - Lake Orumiyeh basin.



5. Acanthobrama marmid Heckel, 1843 - Tigris River basin.

kalashpa, shebhe-sardin, shebhe-nazy.


6. Alburnoides bipunctatus (Bloch, 1782) - Caspian Sea, Lake Orumiyeh, Namak Lake, Esfahan, Kor, Tigris and Tedzhen (= Hari) River basins.

mahi khiateh or khayateh, parak, lapak (in Mazandaran), shebhe zury (in Khuzestan).

(riffle minnow or bleak; spirlin).

7. Alburnus alburnus (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin; widely introduced.

mahi morvarid, kuli Irani, kuli-ye Irani.

(bleak, Transcaucasian, Persian or Safid River bleak).

8. Alburnus atropatenae Berg, 1925 - Lake Orumiyeh basin.



9. Alburnus chalcoides (Gueldenstaedt, 1772) - Caspian Sea basin.

shah kuli (in Gilaki), shah mahi; aslak (in Mazandaran); siah kuli, safid kuli.

(bleak, Caspian shemaya, Danube bleak).

10. Alburnus filippii Kessler, 1877 - Caspian Sea basin.

kuli Kura, kuli-ye Kura.

(Kura or Filippi's bleak).

11. Alburnus mossulensis Heckel, 1843 - Esfahan, Tigris and Kor Rivers, Gulf, Hormuz and Lake Maharlu basins.

shah kuli-ye jonubi.


12 Aspidoparia morar (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822) - Makran and Mashkid River basins.



13. Aspius aspius (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin.

mash mahi, khasham.

(asp; redlip, Caspian or South Caspian asp).

14. Aspius vorax Heckel, 1843 - Tigris River basin.

shelej, sholge.


15. Barbus barbulus Heckel, 1849 - Gulf, Tigris and Kor River basins.

lab-pahn; berzem or berzem lab-pahn (in Khuzestan); boz mahi or sos mahi (in the Dalaki and Shapur river basins).


16. Barbus brachycephalus Kessler, 1872 - Caspian Sea basin.

zardek, zardehpar, sos mahi, sas mahi khazari.

(Caspian barbel, Aral barbel)

17. Barbus capito (Gueldenstaedt, 1773) - Caspian Sea basin.

usach bulatmai, usach chanari, zardek, zard pareh, zardehpar, rnj, sos mahi, pulad mahi, ses mahi bozorg.


18. Barbus esocinus (Heckel, 1843) - Tigris River basin.

soong (in northern Khuzestan and Lorestan); anzeh and bach (at Ahvaz and in southern Khuzestan); bizz, narbach; balzard.

("Tigris salmon", "Euphrates salmon", pike barb).

19. Barbus grypus Heckel, 1843 - Tigris River, Gulf and Hormuz basins.

shirbot or shilbot, shaboot, rumi, sos mahi, shebhe shirbot; sorkheh (in the Zohreh River).

(large scaled barb).

20. Barbus kersin Heckel, 1843 - Gulf, Tigris and Kor River basins.



21. Barbus kosswigi (Ladiges, 1960) - Tigris River basin.

abu henesh, shebhe shirbot.


22. Barbus lacerta Heckel, 1843 - Caspian Sea, Lake Orumiyeh and Tigris River basins.


(Kura barbel).

23. Barbus luteus (Heckel, 1843) - Tigris River, Kor River, Lake Maharlu, Gulf and Hormuz basins.

himri, sangal.

(golden barb).

24. Barbus mursa (Gueldenstaedt, 1773) - Caspian Sea and Namak Lake basins.

sos mahi, mahi siah, zardek-e qalami, ses mahi koloft safid rud.


25. Barbus pectoralis Heckel, 1843 - Gulf, Tigris and Kor River basins.

bassan, berzem, ? touyeni.


26. Barbus sharpeyi Günther, 1874 - Tigris River basin.

binni, soleimani.


27. Barbus sublimus Coad and Najafpour, 1997



28. Barbus subquincunciatus Günther, 1868 - Tigris River basin.


(black spot barb).

29. Barbus xanthopterus (Heckel, 1843) - Tigris River basin.



30. Barilius mesopotamicus Berg, 1932 - Tigris River and Gulf basins.



31. Blicca bjoerkna (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin.

simparek, mahi sim nama.

(Transcaucasian white bream; silver, white or flat bream).

32. Capoeta aculeata (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1844) - Namak Lake, Kavir, Kerman-Na'in, Esfahan, Kor and Tigris River basins.

shum, siah mahi.


33. Capoeta barroisi (Lortet in Barrois, 1894) - Tigris River and Gulf basins.

siah mahi Dasht-e Arzhani.


34. Capoeta buhsei Kessler, 1877 - Namak Lake basin.

shamshiri; mahi sibeli (at Karaj).


35. Capoeta capoeta (Gueldenstaedt, 1773) - Caspian Sea, Tedzhen (= Hari) River, Lake Orumiyeh, Kavir, Bejestan, Sirjan, Namak Lake, Esfahan, Tigris River and Gulf basins.

tilkhos, siah mahi; soru (in the Dalaki and Shapur river basins)

(Lenkoran, Kura, or Transcaspian khramulya or barb).

36. Capoeta damascina (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1842) - Namak Lake, Esfahan, Tigris River, Gulf, Kor River, Lake Maharlu, Sirjan, Kerman-Na'in, Hormuz, Lut and Hamun-e Jaz Murian basins.

zardeh or siah mahi (in the Caspian basin); touyeni, gel-cheragh or gel khorok (in Khuzestan); qezel ala (in Chahar Mahall).


37. Capoeta fusca Nikolskii, 1897 - Tedzhen (= Hari) River, Bejestan, Sistan and Lut basins.

siah mahi.


38. Capoeta trutta (Heckel, 1843) - Tigris River basin.

touyeni (in Khuzestan); shir mahi, barg bidy, ? berzem.


39. Carassius auratus (Linnaeus, 1758) - Widely introduced.

mahi-ye talaee (in Khuzestan); ooshin; kopur-cheh or karaz (in Mazandaran); mahi-ye howz, mahi howz noqreai.

(silver crucian carp, goldfish, Prussian carp).

40. Chondrostoma cyri Kessler, 1877 - Caspian Sea basin.


(Kura nase; blackbelly; Kura undermouth).

41. Chondrostoma regium (Heckel, 1843) - Tigris and Kor Rivers and northern Gulf basins.

jokhorak, nazok; heif-e noon (in Khuzestan).


42. Crossocheilus latius (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822) - Makran, Mashkid River and Sistan basins.



43. Ctenopharyngodon idella (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1844) - Widely introduced.

alaf khoar or kopur alaf khoar; amur (in Khuzestan).

(grass carp, white amur).

44. Cyprinion kais Heckel, 1843 - Tigris River and Gulf basins.

butak-e dehan kuchek, butok, lotak.


45. Cyprinion macrostomum Heckel, 1843 - Tigris River and Gulf basins.

botak, lotak or butak-e dehan buzorg (in Khuzestan); kopur, ? galuk.

(large-mouthed barb).

46. Cyprinion milesi (Day, 1880) - Hormuz, Hamun-e Jaz Murian and Makran basins.



47. Cyprinion tenuiradius Heckel, 1849 - Kor River, Lake Maharlu and Gulf basins.



48. Cyprinion watsoni (Day, 1872) - Hormuz, Hamun-e Jaz Murian, Mashkid River, Makran, Sistan and Lut basins.



49. Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758 - Tedzhen (= Hari) River and Caspian Sea basins. Widely introduced.

kopur, kapur (in Gilaki), kopur-e aineheh, kopur-e ma'muli; rashti or kopur-e rashti (in Khuzestan); mahi-ye gul.

(common, mirror, leather, European or German carp; koi).

50. Garra persica Berg, 1913 - Hamun-e Jaz Murian, Hormuz basins and Sistan basins.



51. Garra rossica (Nikolsky, 1900) - Tedzhen (= Hari) River, Bejestan, Sistan, Lut, Hamun-e Jaz Murian, Mashkid River and Makran basins.

gel-cheragh, ? anjarak.


52. Garra rufa (Heckel, 1843) - Tigris River, Kor River, Lake Maharlu and Gulf basins, Hormuz basin.

shirbot, gel khorok, gel-cheragh, gararufa.


53. Garra variabilis (Heckel, 1843) - Tigris River basin.



54. Gobio gobio (Linnaeus, 1758) - Tedzhen (= Hari) River basin.

mahi kopur kafzi.

(Turkestan gudgeon).

55. Gobio persus Günther, 1899 - Lake Orumiyeh and Caspian Sea basins.


(Kura or Persian gudgeon).

56. Hemiculter leucisculus (Basilewski, 1855) - Introduced to the Caspian Sea basin.


(sharpbelly, common sawbelly, knifefish).

57. Hemigrammocapoeta elegans (Günther, 1868) - Tigris River basin.



58. Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1844) - Widely introduced.

fytofag (in Khuzestan), kopur noqreai.

(silver carp, thickforehead, white thickforehead).

59. Hypophthalmichthys nobilis (Richardson, 1844) - Introduced to the Caspian Sea basin. sarghundeh (in the Caspian Sea basin), kopur sarkhundeh.

(bighead, painted thickforehead).

60. Iranocypris typhlops Bruun and Kaiser, 1944 - Tigris River basin.

mahi-ye kurghar.

(Iran cave barb, blind cave fish).

61. Leucaspius delineatus (Heckel, 1843) - Caspian Sea basin.

mahi riz noqrehai.

(sunbleak, white aspe, moderlieschen).

62. Pelecus cultratus (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin.

shamshir mahi, shamshir mahi ab shirin.

(razorfish, sabre carp, sabrefish, ziege).

63. Petroleuciscus persidis (Coad, 1981) - Kor River, Gulf and Hormuz basins.



64. Petroleuciscus ulanus (Günther, 1899) - Lake Orumiyeh basin.



65. Pimephales promelas Rafinesque, 1820 - Introduced to the Namak Lake basin.


(fathead minnow).

66. Pseudorasbora parva (Temminck and Schlegel in Siebold, 1842) - Widely introduced.


(stone moroko; topmouth gudgeon or minnow).

67. Rhodeus amarus (Bloch, 1782) - Caspian Sea basin.

mahi mokhrj lulehai.


68. Rutilus frisii (Nordmann, 1840) - Caspian Sea basin.

mahi safid, mahi safid daryacheh khazar, sifid mahi (in Gilaki), talaji (in Mazanderani).

(Southern Caspian roach, kutum).

69. Rutilus rutilus (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin.

kolme, kolme Gorgan, talaji, mahi cheshm qermez.

(roach, vobla; North Caspian, Astrakhan, Kura, Astrabad or Turkmenian vobla or roach).

70. Scardinius erythrophthalmus (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin.

sorkh pareh, sorkh baleh.

(rudd, redeye, redfin, pearl roach).

71. Schizocypris altidorsalis Bianco and Banarescu, 1982 - Sistan basin.



72. Schizopygopsis stoliczkai Steindachner, 1866 - Sistan basin.

kopur barfi.

(false osman, Pamir snowcarp).

73. Schizothorax intermedius (McClelland, 1842) - Sistan basin.

mawda (in Sistan), marinka.

(common marinka).

74. Schizothorax pelzami Kessler, 1870 - Tedzhen (= Hari) River and Kavir basin.

khaju, shir mahi.

(Transcaspian marinka).

75. Schizothorax zarudnyi (Nikolskii, 1897) - Sistan basin.

hamun mahi, mahi khaju, shir mahi, anjac.


76. Squalius cephalus (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea, Lake Orumiyeh, Namak Lake and Tigris River basins.

mahi safid (in the Caspian basin and in central Iran); safid rudkhanehai (in Khuzestan).

(Caucasian or European chub).

77. Squalius latus Keyserling, 1861 - Tedzhen (= Hari) River basin.


(Transcaspian or Murgab dace).

78. Squalius lepidus Heckel, 1843 - Tigris River basin.



79. Tinca tinca (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin.

lai mahi, naji, tilkhos.

(tench, green tench).

80. Vimba vimba (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin.

siah kuli, kuli.

(Caspian vimba, southern white-eye, vimba).

Family 8. Cobitidae (loaches)

1. Cobitis linea (Heckel, 1849) - Kor River, Gulf and Hormuz basins.

sag mahi.


2. Cobitis taenia Linnaeus, 1758 - Caspian Sea and Tigris River basins.

sag mahi sangi, mahi roshtegar; loch or gel khorok (in Khuzestan).

(spined, spine or spiny loach; stone loach, weatherfish).

3. Sabanejewia aurata (De Filippi, 1865) - Caspian Sea and Tedzhen (= Hari) River basins.

sag mahi khardar.

(Hither Asia spined loach, golden spined or spiny loach).

4. Sabanejewia caspia (Eichwald, 1838) - Caspian Sea basin.

sag mahi khardar, mahi roshtegar talaee.

(Caspian spined loach, spiny loach).

Family 9. Balitoridae (hillstream loaches)

1. Barbatula angorae (Steindachner, 1897) - Caspian Sea, Lake Orumiyeh, Namak Lake and Tigris River basins.

sag mahi Angora, mar mahi.

(Angora loach).

2. Barbatula bergiana (Derzhavin, 1934) - Caspian Sea basin and Namak Lake basin.

sag mahi Safidrud, mar mahi.

(Sefidrud loach).

3. Barbatula brandtii (Kessler, 1877) - Caspian Sea basin.

sag mahi Kura, mar mahi.

(Kura loach).

4. Barbatula farsica (Nalbant and Bianco, 1998) - Namak Lake, Kor River and Gulf basins.



5. Barbatula frenata (Heckel, 1843) - Tigris River basin.

sag mahi, mar mahi.


6. Barbatula kermanshahensis (Bănărescu and Nalbant, 1967) - Tigris River basin.

sag mahi Kermanshaheh, mar mahi.


7. Barbatula persa (Heckel, 1849) - Kor River and Lake Maharlu basins.

sag mahi Fars, mar mahi.


8. Ilamnemacheilus longipinnis Coad and Nalbant, 2005 - Tigris River basin.



9. Paracobitis iranica Nalbant and Bianco, 1998 - Namak Lake basin.



10. Paracobitis longicauda (Kessler, 1872) - Tedzhen (= Hari) River basin.

sag mahi kakl dar sharqeh, mar mahi.

(eastern crested loach).

11. Paracobitis malapterura (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1846) - Tigris River, Caspian Sea, Tedzhen (= Hari) River, Lake Orumiyeh, Namak Lake and Kor River basins.

sag mahi kakl dar gharbeh, mar mahi.

(western crested loach).

12. Paracobitis rhadinaea (Regan, 1906) - Sistan, Caspian Sea and Tedzhen (= Hari) River basins.

sag mahi, mar mahi.


13. Paracobitis smithi (Greenwood, 1976) - Tigris River basin.

sag mahi gharzeh, mar mahi.

(blind loach).

14. Paracobitis vignai Nalbant and Bianco, 1998 - Sistan basin



15. Schistura bampurensis (Nikolskii, 1899) - Hamun-e Jaz Murian, Makran and Lut basins.

sag mahi Bampur, mar mahi.


16. Schistura cristata (Berg, 1898) - Tedzhen (= Hari) River basin and Caspian Sea basins.

sag mahi kakl dartrkmni, mar mahi.

(Turkmenian crested loach).

17. Schistura kessleri (Günther, 1889) - Tedzhen (= Hari) River, Sistan, Mashkid River and Bejestan basins.

sag mahi Bejestan, mar mahi.

(Kessler's loach).

18. Schistura nielseni Nalbant and Bianco, 1998 - Gulf basin.



19. Schistura sargadensis (Nikolskii, 1899) - Hamun-e Jaz Murian, Mashkid River, Bejestan, Kerman-Na'in, Lut and Sirjan basins.

sag mahi Sarhad, mar mahi.

(Turkmen loach).

20. Triplophysa stoliczkai (Steindachner, 1866) - Sistan basin.

sag mahi pamir, mar mahi.

(Tibetan, Pamirs or Stoliczka's loach).

21. Seminemacheilus tongiorgii Nalbant and Bianco, 1998 - Hormuz basin.



Order 8. Silurifomes

Family 10. Bagridae (bagrid catfishes)

1. Mystus pelusius (Solander in Russell, 1794) - Tigris River basin.

abu-zummair, sag mahi, chamu.


Family 11. Siluridae (sheatfishes)

1. Silurus glanis Linnaeus, 1758 - Caspian Sea, Lake Orumiyeh, Tedzhen (= Hari) River and Tigris River basins.

esbele (in Gilaki), esbele Europaiye, gorba-mahi, gorbeh mahi rogahee, mahi-e sebili; nake (in the Lake Orumiyeh basin).

(European or Danube catfish, sheatfish, wels).

2. Silurus triostegus Heckel, 1843 - Tigris River basin.

esbele, jirri, yary, esbele binonehrin; sag mahi (in Khuzestan).

(Mesopotamian catfish).

Family 12. Sisoridae (sisorid catfishes)

1. Glyptothorax kurdistanicus (Berg, 1931) - Tigris River basin.

gorbeh mahi Kordestan, arteshi.


2. Glyptothorax silviae Coad, 1981 - Tigris River and Gulf basins.

gorbeh mahi jonub, arteshi.


Family 13. Heteropneustidae (stinging catfishes)

1. Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch, 1794) - Introduced to the Tigris River basin.

eshlambo (in Mazandaran); dood or dudeh, abu shalambo (in Khuzestan).

(Indian stinging catfish, stinging catfish).

Order 9. Esociformes

Family 14. Esocidae (pikes)

1. Esox lucius Linnaeus, 1758 - Caspian Sea basin; widely introduced.

ordak mahi, shook chehkhab.

(pike, northern pike).

Order 10. Salmoniformes

Family 15. Salmonidae (salmons and trouts)

1. Coregonus lavaretus (Linnaeus, 1758) - Introduced to the Namak Lake basin.

safid mahi, safid mahi juibarye.

(powan, houting, skelly, gwyniad, lavaret, pollan).

2. Oncorhynchus keta (Walbaum, 1792) - Introduced to the Caspian Sea basin.

azad mahi keta, mahi azad chum.

(chum or dog salmon, keta, summer chum).

3. Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum, 1792) - Widely introduced.

qezel ala ranginkaman; mahi qezel ala, qezel ala (probably in confusion with native Salmo trutta).

(rainbow or steelhead trout).

4. Salmo trutta Linnaeus, 1758 - Caspian Sea, Namak Lake and Lake Orumiyeh basins; widely introduced.

mahi azad or mahi-ye azad, azad mahi (in Gilaki), mahi qezel ala-ye daryacheh khazar (for the subspecies caspius); mahi qezel ala, mahi azad-ye kezel ala-ye bumi, qezel ala khalqermez, qezel ala khalqermez yabumi, qezel ala-ye juibarye (for freshwater residents); mahi azade khal sorkh; qezel ala-ye Liqvanchai (for trout in the Lake Orumiyeh basin).

(Caspian salmon for sea-run fish; brook, brown or river trout).

5. Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill, 1814) - Introduced to the Namak Lake basin.

azad mahi cheshmahi.

(brook or speckled trout, brook charr).

6. Stenodus leucichthys (Gueldenstaedt, 1771) - Caspian Sea basin.

safid mahi, azad mahi Volga, mahi ziba, inkonu.

(inconnu, Caspian inconnu, white salmon).

Order 11. Gadiformes

Family 16. Gadidae (cods)

1. Lota lota Linnaeus, 1758 - Caspian Sea basin.

mahi charb, lot.

(burbot, eelpout).

Order 12. Mugiliformes

Family 17. Mugilidae (mullets)

1. Liza abu (Heckel, 1843) - Tigris River and Gulf basins.

biah, biah zury, shochy, or do'kelki in Khuzestan, ? derbak.

(abu mullet).

2. Liza aurata (Risso, 1810) - Introduced to the Caspian Sea basin.

kefal-e auratus or kafal-e auratus, kefal-e zarin, kefal talaee.

(golden or long-finned mullet; golden grey mullet; long-finned grey mullet).

3. Liza saliens (Risso, 1810) - Introduced to the Caspian Sea basin.

kefal-e saliens or kafal-e saliens, kafal-e poozehbank.

(sharpnose, small or grey mullet; leaping grey mullet).

4. Mugil cephalus Linnaeus, 1758 - Tigris River, Gulf, Hormuz and Makran basins.

kefal or kafal, biah srpehn.

(striped, grey, black, jumping, flathead grey, sea or river mullet).

Order 13. Atheriniformes

Family 18. Atherinidae(silversides)

1. Atherina boyeri Risso, 1810 - Caspian Sea basin.

shisheh mahi, gol azin mahi, atrinka.

(Caspian silverside, Caspian sand smelt, Boyer's sand smelt).

Family 19. Cyprinodontidae (tooth-carps)

1. Aphanius dispar (Rüppell, 1829) - Tigris River, Gulf, Hormuz, Makran, Hamun-e Jaz Murian and Mashkid River basins.

gour-e khar, kapurdandan-e balmband.

(high-finned pupfish, Arabian killifish, mother of pearl fish).

2. Aphanius ginaonis (Holly, 1929) - Hormuz basin.

gour-e khar, kapurdandan-e Genu.

(Holly's pupfish).

3. Aphanius isfahanensis Hrbek, Keivany and Coad, 2007

kapurdandan-e Esfahan.

Esfahan tooth-carp).

4. Aphanius mento (Heckel, 1843) - Tigris River basin.

gour-e khar, kapurdandan-e irani.

(Persian pupfish, Persian minnow).

5. Aphanius persicus (Jenkins, 1910) - Lake Maharlu basin.

gour-e khar, kapurdandan-e Fars.


6. Aphanius sophiae (Heckel, 1849) - Kor River basin.

gour-e khar, kapurdandan-e sufieh.

(Cypris pupfish).

7. Aphanius vladykovi Coad, 1988 - Tigris River basin.

gour-e khar, kapurdandan-e Zagros, mahi parchami.

(Zagros pupfish).

Family 20. Poeciliidae (livebearers)

1. Gambusia holbrooki Girard, 1859 - Widely introduced.


(mosquitofish, eastern mosquitofish).

Order 14. Gasterosteiformes

Family 21. Gasterosteidae (sticklebacks)

1. Gasterosteus aculeatus Linnaeus, 1758 - Introduced to the Caspian Sea basin.

mahi sekhareh.

(threespine stickleback).

2. Pungitius platygaster (Kessler, 1859) - Caspian Sea basin.

nokhar, mahi sehkhareh nama, mahi khardar.

(southern ninespine stickleback).

Family 22. Syngnathidae (pipefishes)

1. Syngnathus abaster Risso, 1826 - Caspian Sea basin.

ney mahi, ney mahi darya-ye Khazar, suzan mahi.

(Caspian or short-snouted pipefish).

Order 15. Synbranchiformes

Family 23. Mastacembelidae (spiny eels)

1. Mastacembelus mastacembelus (Banks and Solander in Russell, 1794) - Tigris River, Kor River and Gulf basins.

mar mahi, mar mahi khardar.

(Mesopotamian spiny eel).

Order 16. Perciformes

Family 24. Centrarchidae (sunfishes)

1. Micropterus salmoides (Lacèpede, 1802) - Introduced to the Tigris River basin.

khorshid mahi baleh kuchak, bs dehanbozorg.

(largemouth bass).

Family 25. Percidae (perches)

1. Perca fluviatilis Linnaeus, 1758 - Caspian Sea basin.

mahi-ye khardar, bacheh suf, mahi suf rudkhaneh-ye Astrakhan, suf Haji Tarkhan, suf rudkhaneh-ye.

(perch; European or Eurasian perch).

2. Sander lucioperca (Linnaeus, 1758) - Caspian Sea basin; widely introduced.

suf, suf-e ma'muli, sibey or sibeyak (in Gilaki), ? sevideh.

(pike-perch, European pikeperch, zander).

3. Sander marinum (Cuvier in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1828) - Caspian Sea basin.

suf-e daryai-ye.

(sea pike-perch, sea zander, estuarine perch).

Family 26. Sparidae (porgies)

1. Acanthopagrus latus (Houttuyn, 1782) - Gulf basin.


(yellow-finned porgy or seabream; yellow-finned black porgy, Japanese silver bream).

Family 27. Cichlidae (cichlids)

1. Iranocichla hormuzensis Coad, 1982 - Hormuz basin.

siklid Irani, siklid Hormuz.


Family 28. Gobiidae (gobies)

1. Anatirostrum profundorum (Berg, 1927) - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi nokhardkeh.

(duckbill tadpole goby).

2. Benthophilus baeri Kessler, 1877 - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi Baer, sag mahi.

(Baer tadpole goby).

3. Benthophilus ctenolepidus Kessler, 1877 - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi shfaf, sag mahi.

(transparent tadpole goby).

4. Benthophilus macrocephalus (Pallas, 1787) - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi vzgheh, sag mahi.

(Caspian tadpole goby, bighead goby).

5. Benthophilus magistri Iljin, 1927 - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi Lenkoran, sag mahi.

(Lenkoran tadpole goby).

6. Benthophilus stellatus (Sauvage, 1874) - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi khtri, gav mahi bacheh qurbaqei, sag mahi.

(stellate tadpole goby, Caspian starry goby).

7. Boleophthalmus dussumieri Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1837 - Tigris River, Gulf, Hormuz and Makran basins.

eshlambo, gel khorok.


8. Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822) - Tigris River, Gulf, Hormuz and Makran basins.

gel-ye mahi, chshm noarye.

(bar-eyed, tank, white or flathead goby).

9. Knipowitschia caucasica (Kavraiskii in Berg, 1916) - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi, sag mahi, gel-ye mahi qffazye.

(Caucasus bald goby).

10. Knipowitschia iljini Berg, 1931 - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi, sag mahi, gel-ye mahi.


11. Neogobius caspius (Eichwald, 1831) - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi, sag mahi, gel-ye mahi Khazari.

(Hyrcanian or Caspian goby).

12. Neogobius cyrius (Kessler, 1874) - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi, sag mahi, gel-ye mahi.


13. Neogobius fluviatilis (Pallas, 1814) - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi, sag mahi, gel-ye mahi rudkhaneha-ye.

(Caspian sand goby, darkie, Caspian monkey goby).

14. Neogobius gorlap Il'in in Berg, 1949

mahi kafzi, gel-ye mahi sar bozorg, gav mahi sar gondeh.

(bighead goby, gorlap goby).

15. Neogobius melanostomus (Pallas, 1814) - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi, sag mahi, gel-ye mahi gerd.

(Caspian round goby, black-spotted goby).

16. Neogobius ratan (Nordmann, 1840) - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi, sag mahi, gel-ye mahi ratan.

(Caspian ratan or rotan goby).

17. Periophthalmus waltoni Koumans, 1955 - Tigris River, Gulf, Hormuz and Makran basins, gel khorok, gel-cheragh.

gel-cheragh, mahi-sag.


18. Proterorhinus marmoratus (Pallas, 18l4) - Caspian Sea basin.

gav mahi, sag mahi, gel-ye mahi marmari.

(tubenose, marbled or mottled goby).

19. Rhinogobius similis Gill, 1859 - Tedzhen (= Hari) River basin.

gel-ye mahi.

(lake goby).

Family 29. Channidae (snakeheads)

1. Channa gachua (Hamilton-Buchanan, 1822) - Hamun-e Jaz Murian basin.

mahi sar mary.

(brown or smooth-breasted snakehead).

Checklist of Farsi Names

correlate with list above and with species accounts?

abu henesh = Barbus kosswigi

abu shalambo (in Khuzestan) = Heteropneustes fossilis

abu-zummair = Mystus pelusius

alaf khoar = Ctenopharyngodon idella

amur (in Khuzestan) = Ctenopharyngodon idella

amurcheh = Pseudorasbora parva

anjac = Schizothorax zarudnyi

anjarak = Garra rossica

anzeh (at Ahvaz and in southern Khuzestan) = Barbus esocinus

arteshi = Glyptothorax spp.

aslak (in Mazandaran) = Chalcalburnus chalcoides

atrinka = Atherina boyeri

azad mahi (in Gilaki) = Salmo trutta

azad mahi cheshmahi = Salvelinus fontinalis

azad mahi keta = Oncorhynchus keta

azad mahi Volga = Stenodus leucichthys

brk = Tenualosa ilisha

bach (at Ahvaz and in southern Khuzestan) = Barbus esocinus

bacheh suf = Perca fluviatilis

balzard = Barbus esocinus

barg bidy = Capoeta trutta

bas dehanbozorg = Micropterus salmoides

bassan = Barbus pectoralis

beluga = Huso huso

berzem = Barbus barbulus

berzem = Barbus kersin

berzem = Barbus pectoralis

berzem = Capoeta trutta

berzem lab-pahn (in Khuzestan) = Barbus barbulus

biah = Liza abu

biah srpehn = Mugil cephalus

biah zury (in Khuzestan) = Liza abu

binni = Barbus sharpeyi

bizz = Barbus esocinus

blizem = Barbus lacerta

boluga = Huso huso

botak (in Khuzestan) = Cyprinion macrostomum

boz mahi = Barbus barbulus

botak dehan buzorg = Cyprinion macrostomum

butak-e dehan buzorg = Cyprinion macrostomum

butak-e dehan kuchek = Cyprinion kais

butok = Cyprinion kais

chalbash = Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

chamu = Mystus pelusius

darakul = Acipenser persicus

darakul = Acipenser stellatus

derbak = Liza abu

do'kelki (in Khuzestan)= Liza abu

dood (in Khuzestan) = Heteropneustes fossilis

dudeh (in Khuzestan) = Heteropneustes fossilis

esbele (in Gilaki) = Silurus glanis

esbele binonehrin = Silurus triostegus

esbele Europaiye = Silurus glanis

esbele = Silurus triostegus

eshlambo = Boleophthalmus dussumieri

eshlambo = catfishes

eshlambo (in Mazandaran) = Heteropneustes fossilis

eshlambo = Boleophthalmus dussumieri

fil mahi = Huso huso

fytofag (in Khuzestan) = Hypophthalmichthys molitrix

galuk = Cyprinion macrostomum

gambusia = Gambusia holbrooki

gararufa = Garra rufa

gatan = Barbus xanthopterus

gav mahi Baer = Benthophilus baeri

gav mahi khtri = Benthophilus stellatus

gav mahi bacheh qurbaqei = Benthophilus stellatus

gav mahi Lenkoran = Benthophilus magistri

gav mahi nokhardkeh = Anatirostrum profundorum

gav mahi sar gondeh = Neogobius gorlap

gav mahi shfaf = Benthophilus ctenolepidus

gav mahi vzgheh = Benthophilus macrocephalus

gav mahi = Gobiidae

gel-cheragh (in Khuzestan) = Capoeta damascina

gel-cheragh (in the south of Iran) = Capoeta spp.

gel-cheragh = Garra rufa

gel-cheragh = Garra spp.

gel-cheragh = Periophthalmus waltoni

gel khorok = Boleophthalmus dussumieri

gel khorok = Capoeta damascina

gel khorok = Cobitis taenia

gel khorok = Garra rufa

gel khorok = Periophthalmus waltoni

gel-ye mahi = Knipowitschia iljini

gel-ye mahi = Neogobius cyrius

gel-ye mahi = Rhinogobius similis

gel-ye mahi chshm noarye = Glossogobius giuris

gel-ye mahi gerd = Neogobius melanostomus

gel-ye mahi Khazari = Neogobius caspius

gel-ye mahi marmari = Proterorhinus marmoratus

gel-ye mahi qffazye = Knipowitschia caucasica

gel-ye mahi ratan = Neogobius ratan

gel-ye mahi rudkhaneha-ye = Neogobius fluviatilis

gel-ye mahi sar bozorg = Neogobius gorlap

gol azin mahi = Atherina boyeri

gorba-mahi = Silurus glanis

gorbeh mahi jonub = Glyptothorax silviae

gorbeh mahi = Glyptothorax spp.

gorbeh mahi Kordestan = Glyptothorax kurdistanicus

gorbeh mahi rogahee = Silurus glanis

gorgak = Schizocypris altidorsalis

gour-e khar = Aphanius spp.

hamun mahi = Schizothorax zarudnyi

heif-e noon (in Khuzestan) = Chondrostoma regium

himri = Barbus luteus

inkonu = Stenodus leucichthys

jirri = Silurus triostegus

jokhorak = Chondrostoma regium

kafal = Mugil cephalus

kafal-e auratus = Liza aurata

kafal-e poozehbank = Liza saliens

kafal-e saliens = Liza saliens

kafal talaee = Liza aurata

kalashpa = Acanthobrama marmid

kapur (in Gilaki) = Cyprinus carpio

kapurdandan-e Arvand = Aphanius mento

kapurdandan-e balmband = Aphanius dispar

kapurdandan-e Esfahan = Aphanius isfahanensis

kapurdandan-e Fars = Aphanius persicus

kapurdandan-e Genu = Aphanius ginaonis

kapurdandan-e irani = Aphanius mento

kapurdandan-e safiyeh = Aphanius sophiae

kapurdandan-e sufieh = Aphanius sophiae

kapurdandan-e Zagros = Aphanius vladykovi

kara burun = Acipenser persicus

karaz (in Mazandaran) = Carassius auratus

kaviari rusi = Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

kawar = Leuciscus lepidus

kefal = Liza spp.

kefal = Mugil spp.

kefal-e auratus = Liza aurata

kefal-e saliens = Liza saliens

kefal-e zarin = Liza aurata

kefal talaee = Liza aurata

kelka = Clupeonella spp.

keshdi = Acipenser nudiventris

khaju = Schizothorax pelzami

khameh mahi = Chanos chanos

khasham = Aspius aspius

khorshid mahi baleh kuchak = Micropterus salmoides

kilka = Clupeonella spp.

kilka-ye anchovy = Clupeonella engrauliformis

kilka-ye cheshm dorosht = Clupeonella grimmi

kilka-ye ma'muli = Clupeonella cultriventris

kolme = Rutilus rutilus

kolme Gorgan = Rutilus rutilus

kooseh = Carcharhinus leucas

kopur = Cyprinion macrostomum

kopur = Cyprinus carpio

kopur alaf khoar = Ctenopharyngodon idella

kopur barfi = Schizopygopsis stoliczkai

kopur-cheh (in Mazandaran) = Carassius auratus

kopur-e aineheh = Cyprinus carpio

kopur-e rashti (in Khuzestan) = Cyprinus carpio

kopur ma'muli = Cyprinus carpio

kopur noqreai = Hypophthalmichthys molitrix

kopurdandan-e balmband = Aphanius dispar

kapurdandan-e Esfahan = Aphanius isfahanensis

kopurdandan-e Fars = Aphanius persicus

kopurdandan-e Genu = Aphanius ginaonis

kopurdandar Irani = Aphanius mento

kopurdandan-e sufieh = Aphanius sophiae

kopurdandan-e Zagros = Aphanius vladykovi

kopur sarkhundeh = Hypophthalmichthys nobilis

koregon = Coregonus lavaretus

kuli = Vimba vimba

kuli Irani = Alburnus alburnus

kuli Kura = Alburnus filippii

kuli-ye Irani = Alburnus alburnus

kuli-ye Kura = Alburnus filippii

lab-pahn = Barbus barbulus

lai mahi = Tinca tinca

lapak (in Mazandaran) = Alburnoides bipunctatus

loch (in Khuzestan) = Cobitis taenia

lot = Lota lota

lotak = Cyprinion kais

lotak (in Khuzestan) = Cyprinion macrostomum

lotak dehan buzorg = Cyprinion macrostomum

mahi azad (sea run) = Salmo trutta

mahi azad chum = Oncorhynchus keta

mahi azad-ye qezel ala-ye bumi = Salmo trutta

mahi azade khal sorkh = Salmo trutta

mahi charb = Lota lota

mahi cheshm qermez = Rutilus rutilus

mahi dahangerd daryacheh-ye khazar = Caspiomyzon wagneri

mahi-e kaviar = Acipenser gueldenstaedti

mahi-e kaviar = Acipenser nudiventris

mahi-e kaviar = Acipenser persicus

mahi-e kaviar = Acipenser stellatus

mahi-e kaviar = Huso huso

mahi-e sebili = Silurus glanis

mahi howz noqreai = Carassius auratus

mahi kafzi = Neogobius gorlap

mahi kaviar-e bozorg = Huso huso

mahi khaju = Schizothorax zarudnyi

mahi khardar = Pungitius platygaster

mahi khayateh = Alburnoides bipunctatus

mahi khiateh = Alburnoides bipunctatus

mahi khor kuchiku = Tenualosa ilisha

mahi kopur kafzi = Gobio gobio

mahi mokhrj lulehai = Rhodeus amarus

mahi morvarid = Alburnus alburnus

mahi parchami = Aphanius vladykovi

mahi qachaq = bootleg fish

mahi qezel ala = Oncorhynchus mykiss

mahi qezel ala (freshwater resident) = Salmo trutta

mahi qezel ala-ye daryacheh khazar (for the subspecies caspius) = Salmo trutta

mahi riz noqrehai = Leucaspius delineatus

mahi roshtegar = Cobitis taenia

mahi roshtegar talaee = Sabanejewia caspia

mahi safid (Caspian basin and central Iran) = Leuciscus cephalus

mahi safid = Rutilus frisii

mahi safid daryacheh khazar = Rutilus frisii

mahi-sag = Periophthalmus waltoni

mahi sar mary = Channa gachua

mahi sekhareh = Gasterosteus aculeatus

mahi sehkhareh nama = Pungitius platygaster

mahi siah = Barbus mursa

mahi sibeli (at Karaj) = Capoeta buhsei

mahi sim kondpuzh = Abramis sapa

mahi sim nama = Blicca bjoerkna

mahi suf rudkhaneh-y Astrakhan = Perca fluviatilis

mahi-ye azad (sea run) = Salmo trutta

mahi-ye gul = Cyprinus carpio

mahi-ye howz = Carassius auratus

mahi-ye khardar = Perca fluviatilis

mahi-ye kurghar = Iranocypris typhlops

mahi-ye sim = Abramis brama

mahi-ye talaee (in Khuzestan) = Carassius auratus

mahi ziba = Stenodus leucichthys

mar mahi ma'muli = Anguilla anguilla

mar mahi = Caspiomyzon wagneri

mar mahi = Mastacembelus mastacembelus

mar mahi = balitorid spp.

mar mahi dahangerd = Caspiomyzon wagneri

mar mahi khardar = Mastacembelus mastacembelus

marinka = Schizothorax intermedius

mash mahi = Aspius aspius

mawda (in Sistan) = Schizothorax intermedius

naji = Tinca tinca

nake (in the Lake Orumiyeh basin) = Silurus glanis

narbach = Barbus esocinus

nazok = Chondrostoma regium

ney mahi = Syngnathus abaster

ney mahi darya-ye Khazar = Syngnathus abaster

nokhar = Pungitius platygaster

ooshin = Carassius auratus

ordak mahi = Esox lucius

osetra = Acipenser gueldenstaedti

ourange = Barbus spp.

aparak = Alburnoides bipunctatus

posht siah = Alosa pontica

pulad mahi = Barbus capito

puzanok = Alosa caspia

puzanok = Alosa pontica

puze draz = Acipenser stellatus

qezel ala (in Chahar Mahall) = Capoeta damascina

qezel ala = Oncorhynchus mykiss

qezel ala (freshwater resident) = Salmo trutta

qezel ala-ye juibarye (freshwater residents) = Salmo trutta

qezel ala khalqermez (freshwater resident) = Salmo trutta

qezel ala khalqermez (freshwater resident) = Salmo trutta

qezel ala khalqermez yabumi = Salmo trutta

qezel ala Liqvanchai (Lake Orumiyeh basin) = Salmo trutta

qezel ala ranginkaman = Oncorhynchus mykiss

rnj = Barbus capito

rashti (in Khuzestan) = Cyprinus carpio

rizeh keraye = Clupeonella cultriventris

rizeh keraye = Clupeonella engrauliformis

rizeh kuli = Clupeonella cultriventris

rudkhaneh (in Khuzestan) = Leuciscus cephalus

rumi = Barbus grypus

saba = Abramis sapa

safid kuli = Chalcalburnus chalcoides

safid mahi = Coregonus lavaretus

safid mahi = Stenodus leucichthys

safid mahi juibarye = Coregonus lavaretus

safid rudkhanehai (in Khuzestan) = Leuciscus cephalus

sag mahi = Acipenser spp.

sag mahi = Carcharhinus leucas

sag mahi = Cobitis spp.

sag mahi = Huso huso

sag mahi = Gobiidae

sag mahi = Mystus pelusius

sag mahi Angora = Barbatula angorae

sag mahi Bampur = Schistura bampurensis

sag mahi Bejestan = Schistura kessleri

sag mahi Fars = Barbatula persa

sag mahi gharzeh = Paracobitis smithi

sag mahi kakl dar gharbeh = Paracobitis malapterura

sag mahi kakl dar sharqeh = Paracobitis longicauda

sag mahi kakl dartr kmni = Schistura cristata

sag mahi Kermanshaheh = Barbatula kermanshahensis

sag mahi Kura = Barbatula brandtii

sag mahi Pamir = Triplophysa stoliczkai

sag mahi Safidrud = Barbatula bergiana

sag mahi Sarhad = Schistura sargadensis

sag mahi = balitorid spp.

sag mahi (in Khuzestan) = Silurus triostegus

sag mahi khardar = Sabanejewia aurata

sag mahi khardar = Sabanejewia caspia

sag mahi sangi = Cobitis taenia

sangal = Barbus luteus

sarghundeh (in the Caspian basin) = Hypophthalmichthys nobilis

sas mahi = Barbus spp.

sas mahi khazari = Barbus brachycephalus

šep = Acipenser nudiventris

ses mahi = Barbus spp.

ses mahi bozorg = Barbus capito

ses mahi koloft safid rud = Barbus mursa

sevideh = Sander lucioperca

sevroga = Acipenser stellatus

sevruga = Acipenser stellatus

shaanak = Acanthopagrus latus

shaboot = Barbus grypus

shag mahi = Alosa spp.

shag mahi Agrakhan = Alosa sphaerocephala

shag mahi chekameh dar = Alosa caspia

shag mahi-e chesm dorosht = Alosa saposchnikowii

shag mahi darya-ye khazar = Alosa caspia

shag mahi darya-ye siah = Alosa pontica

shag mahi shekam bozorg = Alosa caspia

shag mahi-ye Khazari = Alosa braschnikowii

shag mahi-ye posht siah = Alosa pontica

shah kuli-ye jonubi = Chalcalburnus mossulensis

shah kuli (in Gilaki) = Chalcalburnus chalcoides

shah mahi = Chalcalburnus chalcoides

shamshir mahi = Pelecus cultratus

shamshir mahi ab shirin = Pelecus cultratus

shamshiri = Capoeta buhsei

sheap = Acipenser nudiventris

shebhe-nazy = Acanthobrama marmid

shebhe-sardin = Acanthobrama marmid

shebhe shirbot = Barbus grypus

shebhe shirbot = Barbus kosswigi

shebhe zury (in Khuzestan) = Alburnoides bipunctatus

shelej = Aspius vorax

shenavar = Acipenser nudiventris

shilbot = Barbus grypus

ship = Acipenser nudiventris

shir mahi = Capoeta trutta

shir mahi = Schizothorax pelzami

shir mahi = Schizothorax zarudnyi

shirbot = Barbus grypus

shirbot = Garra rufa

shisheh mahi = Atherina boyeri

shochy (in Khuzestan) = Liza abu

sholge = Aspius vorax

shook chehkhab = Esox lucius

shum = Capoeta aculeata

siah kuli = Chalcalburnus chalcoides

siah kuli = Vimba vimba

siah mahi = Capoeta aculeata

siah mahi Dasht-e Arzhani = Capoeta barroisi

siah mahi = Capoeta capoeta

siah mahi (in the Caspian basin) = Capoeta damascina

siah mahi = Capoeta fusca

siah mahi (in the north of Iran) = Capoeta spp.

sibey (in Gilaki) = Sander lucioperca

sibeyak (in Gilaki) = Sander lucioperca

sifid mahi (in Gilaki) = Rutilus frisii

siklid Hormuz = Iranocichla hormuzensis

siklid Irani = Iranocichla hormuzensis

sim = Abramis brama

sim = Abramis sapa

simparek = Blicca bjoerkna

sobur = Tenualosa ilisha

soleimani = Barbus sharpeyi

soleimani = Barbus subquincunciatus

soong (in northern Khuzestan and Lorestan) = Barbus esocinus

sorkh baleh = Scardinius erythrophthalmus

sorkh pareh = Scardinius erythrophthalmus

sorkheh (in the Zohreh River) = Barbus grypus

soru (in the Dalaki and Shapur river basins) = Capoeta capoeta

sos mahi (in the Dalaki and Shapur river basins) = Barbus barbulus

sos mahi = Barbus spp.

suf = Sander lucioperca

suf-e daryai-ye = Sander marinum

suf-e ma'muli = Sander lucioperca

suf Haji Tarkhan = Perca fluviatilis

suf rudkhaneh-ye = Perca fluviatilis

suzan mahi = Syngnathus abaster

tas mahi = tass mahi

tass mahi = Acipenser spp. (fishing term, includes more than one species)

tass mahi Iran = Acipenser persicus

tass mahi Irani = Acipenser persicus

tass mahi Rus = Acipenser gueldenstaedti

tass mahi shekam brahne = Acipenser nudiventris

talaji (in Mazandarani) = Rutilus frisii

talaji = Rutilus rutilus

tilkhos = Capoeta capoeta

tilkhos = Tinca tinca

tirij = Acipenser persicus

tizeh-kuli = Hemiculter leucisculus

touyeni = Barbus pectoralis

touyeni (in Khuzestan)= Capoeta damascina

touyeni (in the south of Iran) = Capoeta spp.

touyeni (in Khuzestan) = Capoeta trutta

usach bulatmai = Barbus capito

usach chanari = Barbus capito

uzun burun = Acipenser stellatus

yary = Silurus triostegus

zabur = Tenualosa ilisha

zalun (in Gilaki) = Alosa caspia

zalun (in Gilaki) = Alosa pontica

zard pareh = Barbus capito

zardeh = Capoeta damascina

zardehpar = Barbus brachycephalus

zardehpar = Barbus capito

zardek = Barbus brachycephalus

zardek = Barbus capito

zardek = Barbus spp.

zardek-e qalami = Barbus mursa

zabur = Tenualosa ilisha

zomur = Tenualosa ilisha


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